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Dude that stuff rocked! It cleaned the matte and it went back to being matte and not looking polished or anything. True believer for sure.
Jesse James Hagoort, TLD Moto Athlete Manager / Discussing MATTE Detailer
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I use a rocket dryer after every game to fully dry out my gear and try to wash my gear at least once a month or so. However, there is still that slight odor despite going through great lengths to make sure my gear is always clean and fresh. I have always been skeptical of sprays claiming to deodorize gear but after using the Molecule Refresh, I am a believer. The spray itself smells good and does not have a "chemical" smell like most other products out there. I still use my rocket dryer to dry out my gear after games, then spray this on the next day and leave out to dry in the sun. I have been using the spray for almost 2 weeks now and been very pleased with the results so far. I will write a follow-up later on to update the results after longer usage.
Pacific Rink customers leaving reviews on their site / Discussing REFRESH
Yoga Six
Molecule laundry detergent has completely changed the quality of my yoga towels. It was clear after one wash this was the highest quality product. You do not need large quantities to tell the difference. I am forever grateful I found this product and decided to try it out. Every wash smells fresh, clean and provides my clients with a high standard product! THANK YOU!
Beth Belkin, Yoga Six Regional Manager / Discussing WASH and REFRESH
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I used the product on my son’s shoulder pads, girdle, helmet and shoes. Like I told you I normally use warm water and laundry detergent mixture and use a scrub brush to clean then rinse with garden hose. After they are dry you can still smell an odor. This Sunday cleaned his equipment again but used your product. I liked the fact that there was lots of suds made me feel like it was doing something. My son didn’t know that I was trying something different and when he went to pack his gear, he noticed that the sweaty odor was gone. We clean his gear once a week so I’m curious to see how bad they smell at the end of the week. Overall I am very happy with the product, and for a teenage kid to notice his gear smells good your product must be working. Thanks again for the sample, I can honestly say I seen a difference and you found a new customer.
Bill Gutierrez, Plant Manager Red Line Synthetic Oil / Discussing WASH and REFRESH

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