HOCKEY MOMS REJOICE! Molecule Here to Attack the Stink San Clemente, CA – The hockey season is set to launch into full swing, Teams, ProShops and Rinks stock up on the most popular brands, hot new items and for the first time in the industry’s long history, MOLECULE. Molecule’s products are great for clean hockey gear and keeping hockey players fresh. The longtime performance equipment […]

Molecule to Continue The Tony Elliott “Keep It Clean” Award at 2017 Edition of Chili Bowl Midget Nationals

San Clemente, CA – The Chili Bowl Midget Nationals has developed into the Super Bowl of short track racing with nearly 400 entries descending on Tulsa, Oklahoma for the week long battle each January. The event has become not only one of the most competitive races in the world, but a who’s who of short […]

Molecule Partners with Key Motosport Teams

San Clemente, CA– Over the last decade Molecule has become a household name in motorsports safety and has continued to develop a comprehensive product line utilized by top-tier race teams. Racers choose Molecule to keep all of their equipment clean, safe and suited to perform at the highest levels. Molecule partners with key teams, mentioned […]