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When you think of think of Molecule, do you think of motorsports? Well, what you might not know is, it’s not just for the racetrack. Molecule can be used with all sports equipment. CrossFit, cycling, yoga…you name it, we’ve got you covered. Don’t believe us? Check out this from Yoga Six –

“Molecule WASH has completely changed the quality of my yoga towels. It was clear after one cycle in the laundry this was the highest quality product. You do not need large quantities to tell the difference. I am forever grateful I found this product and decided to try it out. Every wash smells fresh, clean and provides my clients with a high standard product! THANK YOU!” – Yoga Six Carlsbad Manager, Beth Belkin

Here’s the science. Modern technical fabrics used in workout gear tends to retain odors. Our Pico-12 technology attacks the odor on contact and creates a barrier from forming in the future.

All of these have gear that can be paired with our Molecule products that you know and love. We’re on a mission to be the next household brand for all of your sports cleaning needs.

Athlete Kit

The Athlete Kit includes a bundled kit of (1) 16oz. Molecule WASH pour bottle & (1) 16oz. Molecule REFRESH spray bottle. The Athlete Kit is also available in a 4oz. kit. The tools you need to keep your sports gear clean.

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BIG NEWS. WODBOM joins the Molecule family

WODBOM, you say. What’s WODBOM?

WODBOM is a monthly fitness box designed to help you discover new workout gear, nutritional supplements, and fun healthy snacks to help you crush your next workout. You guessed it; Molecule product will be incorporated in those monthly boxes periodically. Sounds like this is one you don’t want to miss out on signing up for. Check’em out