Molecule | Covid-19 – Statement

Molecule COVID-19 Statement

March 14, 2020
San Clemente, CA

Greetings Molecule Family:

First, thank you for the years of support, feedback and helping us refine our product line. It’s because of the dedication of competitors, athletes, families and friends believing in the brand that we can continue to innovate.

In light of current affairs, here’s what you need to know from us:

  • Our formulations are based on science. From our first offerings back in 2007, our products have some of the brightest minds and most accredited chemical engineers in the industry as contributors. We’re continually refining formulations and constantly applying the most current technologies, regulation compliance and industry standards to everything we do. We source the best ingredients to bring a premium product to the market.
  • Our focus has never wavered from keeping athletes clean in all forms; Performance Apparel, Equipment, Helmets and Vehicles. The word clean means eliminating all types of undesired contaminants from materials; this equates to odors, organic soils, dirt, grease, oils, fuels and more.
  • We’ve designed our products for the sports market where the primary problems are odors and soils. In regulatory compliance, we do not make any “disinfecting” nor “kill” claims that are associated with some other cleaning products that are designed for hospitals, food preparation or general use. However, our products WASH, REFRESH and HELMET REFRESH have active ingredients of Alcohol and QUATS (Quaternary Ammonium) commonly used for the efficacy of cleaning contaminants of all types, including performance apparel and equipment.  WE MAKE NO CLAIMS AGAINST MICROORGANISMS.

We continue to monitor all developments with the current COVID-19 virus effecting everyone globally. Our current research & development efforts have pivoted to the problems affecting the modern athlete with a heavy focus on viruses, bacteria and their resulting effects like odor and other health concerns.

We encourage all to educate themselves on best practices communicated by government and health officials to avoid propagation of the current virus.

We also encourage you to stay active! The new-found focus on hygiene, from everyday items to sports, has been at our core from the beginning. Clean your equipment, your gear, your performance apparel regularly – proper preparation enables you to safely perform at your best. WASH. REFRESH. REPEAT.

We’re here to #KeepItClean

Sincere regards,

Frank Bain