How To Clean Your Helmet

How To Clean Your Helmet


In this article we will go over how to clean your helmet. A helmet is one of the most crucial pieces of safety gear for many athletes. Whether you’re a hockey goalie defending the net, a snowboarder dropping down an alpine peak, or a motocross rider clearing a triple, helmets can help protect your head against serious injury.

So how do you make the investment you’ve made in a quality helmet last while keeping it looking clean and smelling fresh? Molecule makes it easy with hi-performance helmet cleaners.


Cleaning the Outside of Your HelmetDirt and grime can be hard to remove from the outside of your helmet – and using the wrong product could make it worse. MOLECULE HELMET CLEANER & POLISH can safely clean the exterior of your helmet, leaving behind a smooth and polished finish. Helmet have a visor? No problem. Use the same formula across the surface of visor to clean and improve visibility.

Step 1: APPLY. After shaking well, spray outside of helmet and visor covering with a light mist.
Step 2: WIPE AWAY. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to gently wipe clean and buff helmet dry.
Step 3: REPEAT REGULARLY. MOLECULE HELMET CLEANER & POLISH becomes more effective with repeated use – so don’t be afraid to use it often.


Cleaning the Inside of the HelmetStinky helmet? There are not many things worse than the smell left behind in a helmet on a hot and humid day. Unfortunately, cleaning the inside of the helmet can be challenging. Luckily, Molecule Helmet REFRESH makes cleaning and removing odors easy. Safe to use on all types of fabric linings, Helmet REFRESH contains an antimicrobial agent that attacks odor causing bacteria and helps prevent their return. It leaves behind a light, fresh scent and utilizes skin-friendly cosmetic grade ingredients.

Step 1: APPLY. After shaking well, spray the entire inside of the helmet with a medium mist.
Step 2: LET IT DRY. Allow the inside of the helmet to dry before use.
Step 3: REPEAT REGULARLY. Helmet REFRESH becomes more effective with repeated use – so spray often to keep your helmet smelling fresh.

About Molecule – based in San Clemente, California, Molecule provides premium care products for athletic equipment, including performance apparel, protective equipment and vehicles.