What is Molecule?

Molecule is the leader in producing the highest-level equipment cleaners. While most companies have a product line to fit one category, we have created the most versatile offering of cleaners in the world. Born as a brand to keep driver Nomex® fire suits protected in motorsports, Molecule has become the trusted solution for all motorsports, sports and tactical equipment. From a multimillion-dollar racecar to hockey gloves to yoga towels, Molecule has everyone covered and ready to Keep It Clean.

Why Molecule?

Here at Molecule, we live it. Competition is in our DNA and we strive to be nothing short of the best. We don’t just make cleaners, we want to manufacture high quality products for everyone who’s out there pushing themselves to be their very best. When we couldn’t find the right products to clean our high-performance gear, we did it ourselves.

Where are Molecule products manufactured?

All Molecule products are manufactured in house at our facility in beautiful San Clemente, California. We mix, bottle, label, package and ship everything, giving us complete control of our product line and ensuring only the best is in your hands. Proud to be made in the USA!

Are Molecule products safe?

Yes! All our formulas are biodegradable, non-toxic, skin friendly, non-allergenic and water based.

Where can I purchase Molecule products?

All over the world! With hundreds of dealers here in the USA as well as distribution in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Molecule is truly a worldwide brand. Check out our Dealer Locator to find a retailer nearest you as well as you can purchase directly through our website.


How do I use WASH and what separates it from other detergents?

WASH is used similar as to how you would use other liquid detergents. It is a direct replacement for your current laundry detergent that isn’t getting the job done to cleaning your performance apparel. What differentiates WASH is the quality and versatility of the product. Safe for highly technical fabrics such as Nomex®, premium cleaning agents to combat the harshest of stains, color enhancers to keep that new look and Pico-12 technology that attacks odors directly at the source leave other detergents telling you why they’re the best instead of proving it.

What are the main uses of WASH?

WASH can be used on anything. While designed for performance apparel, it is safe to use on anything you currently wash in the laundry. We know how frustrating it can be washing your gear only for it to still have that musty scent. Motorsports, sports, motocross, snow, tactical, fitness…you name it we got it covered.

How does WASH get rid of that “old towel smell?”

We know the feeling of washing a towel or anything that has bacteria based odors and the funky smell not going anywhere. Molecule uses proprietary Pico-12 technology to attack odors directly at the source to get rid of the stink the first time and help prevent their return. Instead of masking the odors with fancy scents, we cut straight to it and attack the odors where they originate keeping your gear truly clean after it’s been washed.

I have a Nomex® fire suit and it says, “Dry Cleaning Only,” why should I go against that?

Great point. Most manufacturers recommend dry cleaning because they believe it to be a safe method. Negatively, dry cleaning blasts it with harsh chemicals. It’s more expensive, not as effective in the cleaning process and it takes time! Racers are always searching for ways to do things faster. Washing with MOLECULE is a more effective cleaning process removing the water-soluble soils (sweat, etc) than dry cleaning.

Spot Cleaner

How do I use SPOT CLEANER?

SPOT CLEANER is a concentrated version of WASH that is designed to be a pre-treatment before going through the normal machine wash cycle.Apply SPOT CLEANER to heavily stained area and gently agitate to loosen the soils.Wash as normal with WASH.

I have a heavy stain, can I use SPOT CLEANER without immediately washing?

No problem.Apply SPOT CLEANER to stain, rub gently with terry cloth towel.To ensure soil is fully remove, apply a bit of water to dilute any residue.


What do I do with REFRESH, where can I use it?

REFRESH is the most versatile product in our lineup.After countless race weekends, we knew the joys of fresh driver gear was over after the first on track session. REFRESH was designed to keep all equipment fresh when washing is not an option. With an easy spray and let dry application keeping gear clean is virtually effortless.

REFRESH is perfect for all the hard to clean sports equipment.Examples for use:

  • Soccer – shin guards, goalie gloves, cleats, bags, uniforms
  • Hockey – helmets, uniforms, gloves, pads, skates, goalie equipment, hockey shorts
  • Crossfit/Boot Camp/MMA – ropes, bars, mats, gloves, wrist wraps, knee braces, kettle bells
  • Football – shoulder pads, sleds, helmets, gloves
  • Lacrosse – helmets, gloves, cleats, uniforms
  • Motorsports – Nomex® suits and underwear, helmets, shoes, gloves, seats, equipment bags
How does REFRESH work its magic on odors so well?

Just like WASH, REFRESH uses our proprietary Pico-12 technology to attack odors directly at the source. Once sprayed, REFRESH actively detects the odor sources and not only suppresses them, but prevents their return in the future.

What scent does REFRESH leave?

Our scent is unflavored and is described by most as simply smelling like…Molecule. We have become known over the years for our distinct scent that many of our products have. We try to keep things light and clean, just enough so you know it worked and that the odors are gone.

Do I need to worry about chemical residues being left behind when I spray?

No. REFRESH is designed to spray and let dry with no residues. Like all Molecule products, REFRESH is non-flammable and skin-friendly, so even if wet is still safe.



There may be nothing more terrifying in motorsports than the prospect of fire, PROTECTOR is a necessity for any racer. PROTECTOR creates a barrier against any liquid substance that may come in contact with your suit; this includes fuels, oils, greases and water. This is important for two reasons. First, although Nomex® will help in creating a barrier against fire, if that Nomex® suit is soaked with fuel, your safety barrier is greatly compromised.Second, to keep you’re suit looking fresh and clean, PROTECTOR makes it easier to wash and prevent petroleum based stains from ruining your image – more importantly the image of your sponsors. Check out our RESOURCES tab for testing videos and documentation.

Ok I’m sold on the benefits; how do I use it?

With a clean suit, liberally spray the exterior of the suit with PROTECTOR. While still damp, put the suit in the dryer on medium HEAT, yes HEAT. Protector is designed to work best when it is heat cured. The polymer creates a bond with the fabric to repel liquids and it works.

Do I need to worry about shrinkage if I put my race suit in the dryer?

We’ve washed thousands of suits and our product has been on the market since 2006; shrinking is not an issue. Nomex® is designed to see high heat and working closely with DuPont care instructions for the ideal fabric care, we have seen, in the worst-case scenario, very minor shrinking.If you still have a concern about shrinking, there’s still a solution.Wash the suit with Molecule WASH, apply PROTECTOR once clean and let hang dry, usually overnight.Take the dry suit and put in dryer for a short 10-minute run on medium heat – you’ll activate the bonding action PROTECTOR in the short burst.

Nomex® fabric was engineered to withstand temperatures near 700°F. Residential dryers operate at well under 200°F and will not harm the fabric.

Sounds like PROTECTOR creates a barrier. Is it still breathable?

Sure is. PROTECTOR bonds to the individual threads creating a barrier against liquids, but fabric will maintain the same breathability as before applied.

Will PROTECTOR reduce the fire rating on my equipment?

Molecule Protector creates a durable protective coating without affecting the fire rating. Rigorous SFI testing has proved it.

How often should I use PROTECTOR?

Thoroughly re-apply Molecule PROTECTOR after 4 to 6 wash cycles. For ultimate protection, apply a light spray coating after every wash cycle. Always dry on medium heat after applying Molecule PROTECTOR.

Helmet Cleaner & Polish

What does Cleaner & Polish do?

No surprises here – it cleans and polishes your lid.Safe on all types of finishes, solution has a light cleaning element targeted to both petroleum (oils/fuels) and organic (dirt/bugs) build up.The polish component is a non-wax based reactive siloxane the attaches to the surface without having a slimy feel.

Can I use Cleaner & Polish on my visor?

Certainly. Formula does not contain ammonia, so it’s safe on plastics. Will not etch or scratch. Be sure to use a clean micro-fiber towel for best results. Note: Not for use with Stilo helmet visors.

Helmet Refresh

What happens when I sweat – will REFRESH burn if it gets in my eye?

Apply REFRESH to the inside of the helmet (BUT NOT THE VISOR) and let dry.Once the solution dries, the polymer attaches to the helmet liner and will not be carried off.We have no reports ever of it being an issue. Don’t use a helmet if REFRESH is still wet to the touch.

I have a sensitive sense of smell, how strong a scent will be left?

Once dry, the scent is very light. Just enough to know the product did its job, but nothing that should irritate even the most sensitive of noses.


How do I use ANTI-FOG and what can I use it on to keep my vision from being blocked by fog?

Apply to the inside surface of your visor, goggles or windscreen.Allow solution to dry to a light haze and then buff off with a clean, dry micro-fiber towel. Any helmet, any visor, any goggle…don’t let fog impact your performance! Note: Not for use with Stilo visors.

Rain Repel

How do I use RAIN REPEL and what can I use it on to keep water from blocking my vision?

We’ve lived it, rain pouring down at Road America, the back of a soaked driving glove does no good in keeping your visor clear. Hence, Rain Repel. Apply to the outside of you visor, windscreen or any surface you don’t want water to accumulate and watch the rain bead off in large droplets.

Speed Cleaner

I thought you guys only made products for Performance Apparel and Helmets, why Vehicle Care?

As racers, we wanted to make sure all our equipment was cleaned properly. We found a missing product when it came to being able to quickly clean a racecar without worrying about the harshness of the chemicals. We needed a degreaser that worked quickly, was easy to use and would clean anything without worry, so we made our own.

Sounds like good stuff, how do I use SPEED CLEANER?

SPEED CLEANER is our answer to all the hard to clean areas of the race car, motorcycle, bike, truck or kart.SPEED CLEANER is designed to hit the heavy rubber marks and the nasty grime picked up on the track, trail or road. Safe on plastics, paint, vinyl, metals and effective on petroleum based stains. Use as a degreaser on heavy grime and simply spray on and wipe off. It returns metals to new looking condition.SPEED CLEANER has quickly become one of Molecule’s best selling products.

Speed Detailer

What makes SPEED DETAILER different from all the other instant detailers I see on the shelves?

Good question. We got tired of trying to keep a race car clean in the middle of a hot paddock.Off-the-shelf detailers were either heavy in wax or dried instantly when we put it on a hot race car.We designed a detailer to give the polished shine without the mess.Works great on bodywork, frame rails, plastics and rubber to get a shine without the slime.

Do I need to use SPEED CLEANER first before using SPEED DETAILER?

While not necessary, we definitely recommend it. Paired together it’s a combination that will provide a clean and shiny finish in a fraction of the time that other products on the market will offer.